Monday, September 10, 2007

A new definition of Dog Days

Flea markets are popular in the south. A few years ago, progress was made. Amid much fanfare, the Limestone County Indoor Flea Market opened. As flea markets go, it's posh: good location, easy parking, clean restrooms (for a flea market) and the best counterfeit Tommy Hilfiger and Coach purses your 'g-Dubs' can gitcha.

But 'Dog Days' is something extra special. If flea markets were an aging rock band, Dog Days would be its return-to-form album. What started apparently as a meeting place for breeders of various livestock and pets has evolved, or devolved depending on perspective, into an orgy of useless junk, old junk, old useless junk, rifles, shotguns, toy guns, and the occasional goat or puppy.

I guess it's true that one man's trash is another man's treasure. For what it's worth, I did find two things I considered buying. One was a grill and headlamp assembly, liberated from an old Jeep (could be an awesome piece of wall art in the ultimate man room or fantasy garage), and some mechanical contraption that appeared to be one part dune buggy, one part quad, and two parts bad-ass...but then I'd have no way of getting them back to Los Angeles and no where to put them.

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